Mediacom: 1.800.332.0245

Waste Collection
E.S.I.: 1.563.323.5218
Peterson Disposal: 1.309.521.8323
Prairie Waste: 1.563.332.0050
Lakeshore Recycling Systems:  1.309.846.3654

Gas / Electric
MidAmercian Energy Co.: 1.888.427.5632

Telephone / Internet
Frontier Communications: 1.800.921.8101

Cambridge Telcom Services: 1.309.944.2103 or 1.800.852.3611

Mediacom:  1.800.332.0245,+IL



Water / Sewer
Village of Orion: 1.309.526.8139

Water and sewer utility bills can easily be paid by allowing the village to deduct the charges from your bank account The charges will be deducted on the 5th of each month. If that day falls on a weekend or holiday, the deduction will take place on the first business day following the 5th. To take advantage of this service, print the application for ACH payment withdrawal from our web site, turn in the application at the Village Hall, and within two months the automatic deduction will be in place.

Download the ACH Water & Sewer Billing Application

pdf ach-app.pdf (22 KB)